The International Shipbreaking Show #51

17 May 2018

An almost dead calm for the beginning of the year but still 222 ships scrapped, or a 34 km-long convoy. Tankers are in the lead. They are heading younger and younger for the demolition beaches especially double hull ships. The Amba Bhavanee demolished in Alang was 15 years old.

In tonnage, Bangladesh is sweeping the board with the temporary ban of oil tankers in Pakistan. China continues being off-side

27% of the ships scrapped belonged to European or EFTA shipowners.
Of 222 ships, only 6% were scrapped in Europe.

Selling prices to shipyards range from $750 US per tonne for the Sigloo Hav gas carrier through its stainless steel tanks, $450 US per tonne in the Indian subcontinent, and in the $5-6 US per tonne for the Ocean Jasper sold as is to Brest for demolition in Brest, Brittany, France.

The most bankable of the quarter was the Mistral oil tanker sold in Pakistan for over $20 million US.

Focus on Africa with the wrecks in West Africa, the memorandum of Abuja which does not take off, the analysis of the free registration Togolese flag and the case of the port of Abidjan with a former French tuna boat under the Belize flag quite ready for illegal fishing in the Gulf of Guinea.

After numerous anomalies and shipwrecks, France is tightening the screw to the towing of end-of-life vessels.

The Panagia Parou, ex high-speed ferry NGV ASCO of the Société Nationale Corse Méditerranée, shipwrecked at the quayside in Algeciras, is being scrapped in Turkey.

The fines imposed on the Dutch shipowner Seatrade for illegally exporting waste – 4 vessels – are tips compared to the profits from exporting 15 vessels.

Shipbreaking #51, 91 pages, 275 photos, 88 sources (pdf – 15.5 Mo)

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