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“Shipbreaking” #21

The quarterly bulletin by Robin des Bois containing information and analysis on the demolition of ships, is about to be published.


– Bangladesh is seasick (p 1).

– Brutal demolition in Africa, ships flying the Togo flag for their last voyage (p 3).

– Turkey scraps old ships in the Mediterranean (p 4).

– A unique (hopefully) barratry brought to light thanks to bulletin #20 of shipbreaking.com (p 5).

– A supply oil ship of the Japanese whaling fleet goes to be dismantled in India (p14).

– 38 % of ships to be dismantled in Asia are European.

– 4 ships flying the US flag were demolished in India and China.

– A gem of European naval construction demolished in China (p 10 and  42).

Ship-breaking.com bulletin # 21 (pdf. 43 pages. 3,83 Mo) [1]