“Shipbreaking” #20

21 Jul 2010

The 20th delivery of Shipbreaking.com Robin des Bois’s editorial success devoted to the scrapping of vessels is on Robin des Bois’s internet newsstand.

This initiative is entirely funded by Robin des Bois.

-45 pages to find out everything on the subject

-Asbestos in new vessels

-The Aristos II (page 8) tanker from Trafigura’s armada- waste in Ivory Coast- which could have been used instead of the Probo Koala sent to be scrapped… in Bangladesh

-The European Union finances the sinking of 57 polluted wrecks in Mauritania!

-For specialists in Brest, Prayati Shipping the last trip expert (see the Onyx) is developing its activities

-Car ferry scandal

-Letters to the Editor

Access online to “Ship-breaking” information bulletin





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