“Shipbreaking” # 39

28 Apr 2015

Bulletin of information and analysis on end-of-life ships
#39 from January 1, to March 31, 2015
pdf  77 p
. 9 Mo

– A 46 km long convoy left to be broken up in January /February/March 2015 (compared to 38 km in the last quarter of 2014).

Kuito, the radioactive mammoth beached for demolition in Aliaga, Turkey, is raising concerns (p. 60). The oil industry is exposed to enhanced naturally occurring radioactivity. Crude oil has a high content of radium. Radium scales concentrate in pumps, pipes and tanks upstream of the refining process. Their concentrations may reach up to 15.000 Bq/gr. They are long-lived radioactive waste. The dismantling of a FPSO unit expose the shipbreaking yards workers to internal and external contaminations. The Turkish nuclear safety authority is on its guard.

2015_Kuito_robin-des-boisFPSO Kuito at Aliaga © Hurriyet Daily News

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