Ship-breaking # 33, a shock edition…

26 Nov 2013

with Victor Hugo’s Wave and ships crippled by the tsunami,

with the risky traffic of river barges from Northern Europe to Nigeria,

with the return to the stage of the conductor with the delivery to India of the ex-aircraft carrier Clemenceau,

with China taking the ship-breakers’ lead,

with the end of two Russian vessels specialized in wood and nuclear cargoes,

with Japanese sail and diesel-powered ships leaving for demolition anonymously

and with the portraits and profiles of 271 vessels broken up from August 1st to October 31st

ALC33-LaVagueRobindesBoisThe Wave  – Ink, wash and gouache by Victor Hugo, 1857

Link to Ship-breaking # 33 (pdf, 82 pages – 8,2 Mo)





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