Ship-breaking # 34

14 Feb 2014

Ship-breaking # 34, Robin des Bois’s bulletin of information and analysis on ship demolition.

Overview November-December 2013.

Shock photos of the beaching for demolition of an ex tanker on Gadani Beach, Pakistan.

– The beaching of Luno in Bayonne, the TK Bremen the other way round (Lorient, 2011).

– The Port of Sète is scrapping reluctantly.

– The awful story of a Lebanese cattle carrier

– The German gas tankers choose Alang as ultimate Bay of Refuge.

– Rosatom is saving Sevmorput,-the Russian nuclear-powered cargo ship- from demolition.

– Update on the dismantling of the ex-US Navy ships

– The end of the Ice Maiden I, a ship marked by History, Antarctica and Nelson Mandela.

– The answers to readers of the Ship-breaking bulletin around the world.

and a thousand other information on the demolition of merchant and military ships.


NASA Unity hits the beach in Gadani (Pakistan), November 5th 2013 © Shahid

See Ship-breaking # 34 (pdf. 56 pages. 6.6 Mo)




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