“Shipbreaking” #54, special issue

1 Mar 2019

Bulletin of information and analysis on end-of-life ships (pdf – 7.7 Mo)
October-November-December 2018 Review
+ Overall assessment for 2018


October-November-December 2018 :
– 90% of the ships were scrapped in Asia and 38% belonged to European shipowners.
– The number of deflaggings for the last trip is increasing. It represents 44% of the ships to be scrapped. Palau is at the top of the hearse flags. The archipelago is the only one to deal with companies based in the British Virgin Islands.
– China is withdrawing from the market. Only 2 to 3 demolition yards remain open. Before suspending access in early 2019, China hosted to be demolished the Steve Irwin from the NGO Sea Shepherd, Netherlands flag, and the Swan, Curacao flag, a heavy lift carrier.

Overall assessment 2018 :
– A dark year for safety in the Indian subcontinent. 2019 year is not looking very promising.
– 6.6 million tonnes of steel to be recycled. Bangladesh in the lead followed by India and Pakistan. At the end of the year, the yards’ purchase prices per ton on the Indian subcontinent reached US$ 400-480.
– Stuck in France thanks to the joint action of Robin des Bois and the Ministry of Ecology, the Rio Tagus will be destroyed in the port of Sète instead of being towed to Spain. Too many ships discarded in European ports on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts are heading with their own means or towed to distant yards to be demolished. They often sink along the way.


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“Shipbreaking” #54, special issue (pdf – 7.7 Mo) 



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