“Shipbreaking” #57, the International Shipbreaking Show

27 Nov 2019

“Shipbreaking” # 57 (pdf – 14 Mo)
Bulletin of information and analysis on ship demolition
from July 1 to September 30, 2019

Move carefully along the dark side of ship scrapping.


– The demolition of the CSL Virginia in Bangladesh resulted in another disaster: 2 dead and 13 injured. The collision between the Tunisian ferry Ulysse and the container ship CSL Virginia north of Cape Corsica in October 2018 resulted in an oil spill in the Mediterranean.

– Cameroon’s flag would in turn be infested by false registrations.

– The Royal Navy continues to export her old warships to Turkey for demolition.

– The transfer to Africa via the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay of old river tankers operating on the Rhine continues. Half a barge arrived off Dakar. The other is awaiting demolition in Brest.

– European shipowners continue to send their end-of-life vessels to Asia. Off 29 ships flying a European flag or belonging to shipowners based in the European Economic Area, 26 were scrapped in Asia and only 3 in the European Union.

– The same ones do not want to hear about the traceability of their waste.

– The list of approved demolition yards in the European Union is expanding.

– At the quayside in Sète, the Rio Tagus is bogged down in legal problems. She’s threatening to go down.

– Follow the Ocean Sparkle, her Jordanian shipowner, her flag of the Comoros and her sailors from 6 countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Georgia, Greece, Poland) and the Lal in distress off Brittany in February 2014 under the Just Mariiam name and arrested by the Italian Navy 4 months later under the Just Noran name with 28 tons of hashish on board.

– The Solomon Trader, Hong Kong flag, Palau for her last trip, responsible for an oil spill in the Solomon Islands, was towed over 12,000 km to be demolished in Bangladesh…

79 pages, 250 photos and 108 sources

“Shipbreaking” # 57 (pdf – 14 Mo)





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