“Shipbreaking” #58, the International Shipbreaking Show

24 Feb 2020

“Shipbreaking” #58 (pdf – 12.3 Mo)
+ 2019 overview
72 pages – 114 sources – 223 illustrations

– Flash sale of Bramco 1 on the Chinese judicial auction platform. Large capital gain for buyers. Bramco 1 ends up in Bangladesh. p 15

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– The sale of end-of-life ships to the Indian Subcontinent yards brought in more than 300 million US$ to the shipowners and middlemen.
– The procession of scrapped ships stretches along 20 km.
– Demolition of the North Korean Wise Honest suspected to have delivered coal to China. p 20-21.
– Will the ex-Foch, sistership of Clemenceau be scuttled off Brazil or recycled? p 7.
– 2 Venezuelian LPG carriers and sisterships, 146 m in length, leave together by boat towards a shipbreaking yard of Aliaga, Turkey. p 54
– Will the Uthaiwan go straight to the scrapyard or will she resume her tuna smuggler career in the Indian Ocean? p 32
– The Eastern Glory, Mongolian flag, arrested by the Indonesian Navy for diesel fuel smuggling and then damaged, is scrapped in Chattogram (ex Chittagong). p 42
– The end of a treasure hunter. The END, p 67-71.
– The Haidar and a few thousands cows have been in the bottom of the Brazilian port of Barcarena since 2015. p 5-6.
– The Russian tanker Vostok travels 8500 km to be scrapped in Chattogram. p. 1 and 49
– A Murmansk Shipping Co vessel stuck with her crew in Abidjan since 2018 was beached in Chattogram for demolition. p 20
– Demolition of Petra I, attacked by pirates in 2010 while delivering food aid to Mogadishu, Somalia. p 33
– The tug Herakles ex-Anglian Prince, a submarine salvage vessel, is scrapped in Alang. p 57.
– Car carriers, the string of misfortunes. p 34-37.
– In South Korea, the end of the Polaris, disruptive to polar bears

“Shipbreaking” #58 (pdf – 12.3 Mo)





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