“Shipbreaking” #60, the International Shipbreaking Show

4 Aug 2020

“Shipbreaking” # 60 (pdf – 9.4 Mo)
Bulletin of information and analysis on ship demolition
April, May, June 2020

– The banks are booby-trapped. They’re lending money to ship owners. They think they are protected by a multi-million dollar first mortgage taken out on the ships and sometimes it goes bad. A bank in Hong Kong discovered this by reading “Shipbreaking” # 58, among other things. Ongoing investigation… See p.2.

– The FLOC of the VLOC ex VLCC. The uninitiated will understand what it means by following the crossword in ” Shipbreaking”, p. 5. It’s not safe to convert an oil tanker into an ore carrier.

– The Covid-19 pandemic is rampant, but it is business as usual again, boosted by the influx of disused liners. The mass cruise industry is sinking. What the Costa Concordia disaster had failed to do, health panic did (*). Cf. p.11 and p.44-54.

– Another river barge at the bottom of the sea, this time in the Mediterranean. See p.4.

(*) Costa Concordia, see
From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia – 2012





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