“On the Trail“ – Special Edition. 17th meeting of the CITES

21 Sep 2016

Special Edition – 17th meeting of the CITES

For 3 years, the NGO Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) has been publishing in French and in English the quarterly bulletin “On the Trail“ on the poaching  and smuggling of animal  species  threatened  with  extinction. Information come from a thousand sources, institutions, local medias and NGOs on the spot throughout the world. Each event is analyzed, related with a maximum of practical details and further developments are traced through time. The  first 13 editions of “On the Trail“ already compose a social, judicial and technical chronicle on trafficking and exploitation of wild fauna. While reading “On the Trail“ you will be surprised by the  mix of superstition and modernity, by the traffickers’ inventiveness and by the diversity of the species that are tracked and trapped. Faced with cruelty, squandering and corruption, in every country a number of people do resist. It is for them that every day Robin des Bois’ team keeps working on the next edition of “On the Trail“.

Special Edition – 17th meeting of the CITES (pdf 1.9 Mo – 6 pages) – September 2016




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