“On the Trail” n°12

13 Jun 2016

“On the Trail” n°12
Poaching and trafficking around the world
January, February, March 2016
114 pages (6.5 Mo)
Seahorses, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, clams, abalones, queen conch, corals and fishes, pages 3 to 10

Three heroes: the pilot of a helicopter shot down by poachers in Tanzania (p. 80), Chandni the female leopard in suburban Mumbai (p. 53), and No Border, an East African elephant (p. 77)
Donkeys are also targeted by Chinese expats (p. 97) …
And black baza is sold in baskets in hair salons in Malaysia (p. 32).


Chandni and her young in August 2015
Young black baza ordered on WhatsApp, delivered to a hair salon in Malaysia

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