“On the Trail” n°37, the defaunation bulletin

4 Jul 2023

“On the Trail” n°37, the defaunation bulletin
1439 events with references, checked, analysed, commented and strengthened between
July 1 and 
September 30, 2022
359 iconographic documents 13 maps and historical archives
(pdf, 236 pages – 8.3 Mo)


Freedom for a leopard cat. Viet Nam, p. 189. © VN Express

17 forest officers, 4 suspects and the leopard skin. India, p. 52. © Pankaj Garg

European bison, p. 89. © Piotr Lukasik

Polar bear sprayed with bullets. Dixon Island, Russia, p. 72. © ТАSS/Пресс-служба «Норникель»

Despite the disasters, travel Indian Railways. The company is waging a fierce battle against the trafficking and transport of turtles and other wild animals and is issuing tweets-delicacies to pay tribute to the seizures made by its officers. “Transporting and selling mute animals is unforgivable.” “Species must roam free and thrive, not to be confined, killed, or sold.” “We share this mother earth with all the flora and fauna” (pages 155 and 157).

The Polish customs officers are outstanding. In a parcel from Serbia, they seized feathers from Andean condors, griffon vultures and bearded vultures. They were intrigued by the lightness of the package (page 145).

He was impervious to corruption, having served the lions and cheetahs in Timbavati (South Africa) for 25 years. On July 26, 2022, 3 men killed him in his home in front of his family and fled without stealing or saying anything (page 5).

Not long ago, the elephants migration was made by foot. Today it is done by crane and lorry. The operation cost between 1.5 and 2 million US$. Read more on page 23.

Watch out for electric shocks. In the 236 pages of “On the Trail”, forever there have been 11,000 volt power lines pinning tigers and elephants and batteries killing Irrawaddy dolphins. Watch your step as you read the chapters on Europe, where poaching by electric fishing is booming. The radiant electrification of the world is underway.

” For this threatened population, every individual counts.” The prefecture of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in France is not joking when it comes to lynxes. It lodged a complaint after a fatal poaching incident (page 57).

If there’s anyone more near-sighted than a hunter, it’s a female hunter. Amber Rose, in Montana (USA), killed a 6-month-old husky after mistaking him for a wolf (page 60).

© Amber Rose via Facebook

It is an hit in Italy too, a wolf’s head hung on the entrance sign to Era, a village in Lombardy, with the message: “Professors gloss over, the ignorant shot” (page 60).

The United States of America call for the extradition of Nancy Teresa González de Barberi, the Colombian and world-famous stylist, celebrated by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, who specialised in handbags and dog leashes made from caiman or snakeskin. She sometimes smuggled her works to the United States without going through the CITES certificates and without an invoice, recruiting “mules” who regularly flew to Miami or New York Fashion Week. Same process as for cocaine (page 148).

Ukraine, which has listed goldfinches in Appendix III of CITES in 2021, deserves to be decorated with the Order of the Songbirds – it is the only European country to have taken this initiative – and the agents of the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) continue to do their job despite the war. In Odessa, in September 2022, they dismantled a poaching and trafficking network for starry and beluga sturgeons, including a magnificent specimen several metres long in the Danube delta (page 224). The Kyiv police unmasked a couple of wildlife traffickers who were selling tiger cubs, caracals, baboons and many other exotic animals over the Internet (page 195). As for the NGO UAnimals, it is pulling out all the stops, valiantly and tirelessly. It exfiltrated an abandoned brown bear from Bakhmut (page 73) and rescued a puma from captivity in Odesa (page 57). “Join us and together we’ll save more animals.”

The most tragic story in issue 37 of “On the Trail” takes place in Iran. In a way, it is in tune with the news. Read it on page 6.

Orangutan chased away by floods. Island of Borneo, Indonesia, p. 104. © iNews TV/Sigit Dzakwan

Mongoose hair brushes. India. “The next time you pick a brush, make sure that you don’t have blood on your hands.” © WCCB

Twelve-wired bird-of-paradise. Indonesia, p. 130. © Mehd Halaouate

Red kite and pentobarbital. Germany, p. 138. © M. Widurch, LBV

Sturgeon poaching. Russia, p. 220. © областной пресс-службы Следкома

Black wood turtle. Costa Rica, p. 154. © Ministerio de Seguridad Pública Costa Rica

“On the Trail” n°37

“On The Trail” has been carried out by the NGO Robin des Bois since 2013 with the support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the Franz Weber Foundation and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. “On the Trail” gets sponsorship from the Séché Environnement group.

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