“On the Trail” n°39, the defaunation bulletin

28 Dec 2023

“On the Trail” n°39
the defaunation bulletin
(pdf, 192 pages – 6.7 Mo)

968 events with references, checked, analysed, commented and strengthened between January 1 and February 28, 2023.
331 iconographic documents, 6 maps and historical archives.

Index (pages 191 and 192)
For the first time in this issue, Robin des Bois is offering an index with 15 first entries. It will be added to and updated with each issue. It allows to find events quickly in all issues of “On the Trail” for specific types of trafficking, locations or modus operandi.
– Angul District, State of Odisha, India.
– Animal experimentation (capture, trafficking or use of animals).
– Crested porcupines (Hystrix cristata) (poaching and seizures).
– European glass eels (Anguilla anguilla, Annexe II) (seizures and convictions in France and Spain).
– Frankfurt, Hesse State, Germany (wildlife smuggling via the international airport).
– Hair curler network (smuggling of songbirds concealed in curlers).
– Lwiro (Primate Rehabilitation Centre), Bukavu, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo).
– Mammoth (Mammuthus) ivory.
– Merida, State of Yucatan, Mexico (wildlife smuggling via the international airport).
– Musical instruments with ivory parts (pianos, violins, cellos, etc).
– Poisoning by agricultural toxins (pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides).
– Rathkeale Rovers.
– Servals (Leptailurus serval, Appendix II) alive in Europe and Northern America.
– Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus, Appendix I) (teeth thefts, seizures and convictions).
– Spiders in and from Poland.Not to be missed
– In Sweden, the promising career of a Secretary of State is jeopardised by the poaching of 15 eels. He has been forced to resign (see page 176 ref. 26).
-In the United States of America, Charles River Laboratories are suspected of having imported wild long-tailed macaques from Cambodia. For the time being, Charles River laboratories in Europe are not concerned (see page 76 ref. 19).
– On pages 47 to 52, “On the Trail” takes a look at the controversies and cruelties stirred up by “Myster Wolf” in the USA, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.
– In the port of Los Angeles (United States of America), the seizure of 169 juvenile Antilles pinktoe tarantulas aged 4 weeks, originating from Martinique (see page 140 ref. 1).
– In Viet Nam, 2 seizures in containers from West Africa of elephant tusks mixed with cattle horns (see page 19 ref. 50 and page 20 ref. 52).

Some prices
– Pure musk of kasturis (Himalayan musk deer preputial gland): 80 US$/gramme on the international market i.e. 80,000 US$/kg (72,800 €/kg) (see page 70 ref. 15).
– Giraffe meat: between 2-4 US$/kg in Magugu (Kenya) (see page 63 ref. 5).
– For sale via Telegram, a Persian fallow deer for 3,000 US$ (see page 71 ref. 17).
– One swiftlet nest: 34 US$ in Malaysia (see page 104 ref. 60).
– One Meso-American slider: 1,275 US$ in Colombia (see page 127 ref. 6).
– One Harlequin poison frog: 221 US$ in Colombia (see page 148 ref. 19).
– One kilo of European glass eels: 2,180 US$ bound for Asia from Brussels international Airport, Belgium (see page 177 ref. 27).
– At a railway border crossing Russia-China, a man hid in his pants 2 bear gall bladders and 4 bear teeth bought in Zabaykalsky for 215 US$ (see page 54 ref. 7).

Snowy owl (Nyctea scandiaca), see page 122

North American river otter (Lontra canadensis), see page 86

“On the Trail” n°39
“On The Trail” has been carried out by the NGO Robin des Bois since 2013 with the support of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot, the Fondation Franz Weber and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition. “On the Trail” gets sponsorship from the Séché Environnement group.
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