“On the Trail” n°6

3 Nov 2014

Wildlife is bubbling
“On the Trail” n°6, 134 pages of beauty and cruelty
Information and Analysis bulletin on animal poaching and smuggling.
Rhinoceroses and elephants, pages 60 to 97

Open parcels and find poisonous scorpions, search a shop in Malaysia and stumble on a vial of elephant sperm, find out about the latest trafficker’s tricks, meet the rhino mafia, hunt the MGM lion and discover the Tibetan Wild Ass, or Kiang.

Introduction: Several recent studies suggest that violence on animals and abuse of animal’s weakness show predisposition to violence against humans and that witnessing domestic violence or being submitted to parental harassment leads to a predisposition to violence against animals. Violence is a viral and vicious circle …

ALT6-HugoRasRobindesBois© WAR ALT6-BigJoeRobindesBoisDR
Hugo Ras
South Africa
Rhino horn kingpin
Family Affairs
Favorite weapon: M99
Big Joe
South Africa
Horn and drug trafficker
His counsel is a former high official for the national Parks administration





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