Round Robin # 2 After the “old ploughs” from Carhaix, don’t miss the old railway line sleepers from Carnac

23 Jul 2008

Round Robin n°2



See pictures from Carnac

The prehistoric metropolitan area of Brittany is being invaded by the recycling of dangerous wastes, breaking the law June 2nd 2003 which prohibits the reuse of creosote saturated railway line sleepers in the public domain. In good weather conditions, one can smell the odour of tar rising from fences and boarders, from street flower boxes, sleepers-menhirs and stairs at the Césarine park. Carnac is not the only town in Brittany or in France to use end of life railway sleepers prescribed by outlaw landscape gardeners but in Carnac it appears to be a festival. The recent working group of the minister of Ecology on the management of end of life sleepers – 1 million per year – shows that the environmental risks for the flora and fauna are important and that sanitary risks are not to be neglected. The assessment takes into account the risk of cancer and does not address the little troubles of everyday life such as headaches, nausea, eye, irritations, sleeping disorders, skin …and clothes stained by creosote.


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