Beneath contempt!

22 Mar 2011

Subject: Franco-Japanese nuclear entente

Despite the tragic events that are unfolding, the representatives of the PWR lobby are continuing to extol the virtues of a safe nuclear industry, as they did after Chernobyl.

Relegating Japan to the ranks of a technological third world and highlighting the dangers of an out-of-date sector, the chairman of Areva and the Minister for Industry are trying, amidst the debris, to save the French nuclear industry’s face and investments.

They forget that, for the last 30 years, the French Government and Areva have been the leading suppliers of the enriched uranium used to feed all the Japanese reactors. As part of this well-publicised and interdependent partnership, France delivered Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) some Mox fuel, a mix of uranium and plutonium, and has thus added to the complexity and radiotoxicity of the crisis.

At a meeting of the High Committee for Openness and Information about Nuclear Safety held the day before the telluric Hiroshima that split Japan and caused a threat ten times as great as Chernobyl – all reactors and ponds combined (and melted!) – to hang over the world, Areva was announcing the imminent departure of a new sea convoy of Mox for Japan. After the Japanese nuclear disaster, the wreckage of the six reactors at Fukushima is also flying the French flag.

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