Longue vue – Croisière

From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia – 2012

1 Apr 2012

Table of Contents

I- The passenger ship has become a cruise destination

II – Cruise ships with more than 2,500 passengers

III – Disaster first, regulation later

Rules and exceptions

Muster points

The evacuation

IV – What to expect

Fire, fire, fire

Crash, crash, crash

The see-saw effect

Running aground

Cruise ship or floating hospital

The target

V – How will you pollute?

VI – The Titanic and the Gigantic by Joseph Conrad, sailor and author


I-The passenger ship has become a cruise destination

The traditional passenger ship used to travel from one point to another in a straight line.  In off-peak periods, some were assigned to pleasure cruises in tourist regions (the Canary Islands, Aegean Sea, the Norwegian Fjords, the Caribbean, for example), but these services were only accessible to a well-off elite who had the time and means to take such trips.

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