Sank ?

25 Feb 2013

Lyubov Orlova – Press release # 5

According to the Rescue Coordination Center at Halifax in Canada, the Lyubov Orlova’s emergency beacon went off during the night of Saturday February 23rd. The most likely hypothesis would be that the Lyubov Orlova has sunk. The emergency beacon was either installed on the cruise ship or on one of the lifeboats onboard. It went off at 51°46.00 N and 35°41.00W i.e.: 1,700km (1,000 nm) from the European coastline which is to say closer than the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency reported on February 21st.

Once again Robin des Bois underlines that Canada, as the last holders of the vessel, has a major responsibility in this maritime, regulatory and ethical drift.






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