Radioactive waste : Cherbourg / Australia

14 Oct 2015

A post-Fukushima realtime test is underway at the Areva reprocessing plant in La Hague, near Cherbourg. Safety is the priority, according to the director of the La Hague nuclear site.

In the same time, the BBC Shanghai is docked at Areva’s terminal in the Cherbourg harbor. She is preparing to be loaded with radioactive waste resulting from reprocessing of Australian spent fuel. This isn’t simulation, but the truth, a sad truth that is a significant safety risk. The most recent bad news to add to the BBC Shanghai’s heavy « criminal record » are 4 deficiencies on August 6, 2015 at Busan, South Korea and 6 deficiencies in Russia on August 11. The Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding, an Asia-Pacific regional agreement on maritime security, classifies the BBC Shanghai as a high-risk ship. Australia, the BBC Shanghai’s country of destination, is a signatory of the Tokyo Memorandum.

Areva’s statements, according to which the BBC Shanghai is in good condition, are completely false and prove that maximum safety is not AREVA’s first priority.

Another boat other than the BBC Shanghai must be mobilized to return the radioactive waste to Australia without stopping and with a first-rank flag. In the current plan, if a serious problem were to occur during the voyage, the accountability and the maritime investigation would have to be held by the flag of convenience from Antigua and Barbuda. What a joke!

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