MSC Flaminia : latest news

27 Aug 2012

On August 26, MSC Flaminia was anchored off the Southwestern coast of England ; a team of experts boarded for inspection. They determined falling temperatures in the area destroyed by the fire and measured 50 degrees in hold 3 which has still been smouldering on August 23 ; this hold contains 245 containers among which 2 nitromethane boxes, now considered as no more endangered. There is no more open fire; the ship has now a list of 2.5 degrees.

The classification society of the ship confirms that the superstructure, the stern, the hull and the rudder are intact.

Of the containers with hazardous substances, 72 were destroyed by the fire, 24 were damaged and 55 remained intact.

The tanks of the MSC Flaminia contained 1,247 t of heavy fuel oil, 651 t of light fuel oil, 86 t of diesel and 174 t of lubricants ; the amount of water in the holds is estimated to be around 20,000 t.

To ensure a safe towage of the container ship to the German Bight, it will be necessary to either flood the holds with a high temperature or target and delete the hot spots. Once anchored, the ship will be lightered by transfer of the water; if required some containers may be transshipped and the remainder secured. Only then, the MSC Flaminia will enter Jade Weser Port (Wilhelmshaven) to be unloaded.
Up to now, the doubt on radioactivity has not been dispelled.


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