The End of the last French three-masted ship

22 Jan 2010

After being laid up for several years in Trinidad in the Caribbeans, the ex Oiseau des Iles built by the French shipyard Dubigeon in Nantes in 1935 was sent to be demolished.

The valuable and moving history of this gem of naval construction ranges from the Loire Estuary to the West Indies passing by the South Ocean to French Polynesia and the west coast of Mexico. She was last known under the name of Flying Cloud and had the honour of being stamped by the British Virgin Islands.

To know more about the end of the Flying Cloud and other old vessels from Nantes shipyard such as the Enee built in 1956, please read Shipbreaking # 18, Robin des Bois trimestrial information and analysis bulletin on ship demolition and the internet site Grands



Commemorative stamp



The Enée © V Biard







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