Where is she going?

1 Feb 2016

Press Release Modern Express no.2


The amended European Union Directive of June 27, 2002 asks all member States to establish plans to accomodate ships in distress in their ports or in any other protected area in the best possible conditions.

The Modern Express is currently under tow and is heading further out to sea. It is understandable that the French maritime authorities initially wish to keep her away from an inhospitable coastline.

Nevertheless, in order to avoid a shipwreck in the middle of the sea, or a potential sinking of the vessel in the Bay of Biscay, it is essential to designate a place of refuge where the salvage teams could benefit from better weather and technical conditions necessary to correct the list of the Modern Express. The vessel is currently in waters under French jurisdiction.

Robin des Bois supports the implementation of the principle of place of refuge and demands that the French Maritime Authority for the Atlantic inform sea users and the public opinion regarding the destination that is being planned in agreement with other coastal countries, in particular Spain, and the Chinese ship-owner.


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