Robin des Bois shipyard is launching the Shipbreaking #49

26 Oct 2017

– Alert on knowingly wreckless towings of offshore platforms and discarded ships from Northern Europe to Turkey. The case of the two Maersk supply ships sunk off Brittany is dissected. Letter on this subject to the authorities concerned, including the two Maritime Prefects of the French Atlantic coast.

– The end of Shen Neng 1. In 2010, she polluted and degraded the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland, Australia, to gain 2 miles on a 4500-mile return voyage to China.

– The Rio Tagus has been stuck since 2010 or how the French government and the port of Sète are trying to get rid of a bulky wreck.

– Three ships presenting potentially radioactive hazards and owned by European shipowners demolished with bare hands in India.

– The Dhaka Supreme Court, based on a report by the Bangladesh Nuclear Safety Authority, prohibits the dismantling in Chittagong of the North Sea Producer, a floating plant polluted radium and delivered by Maersk in August 2016….

– What’s up with the livestock carrier Haidar sunk with 5000 cattle in the Brazilian port of Barcarena in October 2015?

– The controversial and speculative course of the City of Antwerp.

– The history, identity, game of flags and sale price of 236 ships sent for demolition during the 3rd quarter of 2017. Of these 236 ships, 217 were scrapped in the Indian subcontinent, China and Turkey. Good and lucrative riddance! 70 had been built in Europe, including asbestos and tributyltin, and 57 were owned by European shipowners.

“Shipbreaking # 49”, 88 astonishing pages illustrated by the best photos of shipspotters, 96 sources.


December 22, 2016, shortly after midnight, the Maersk Searcher is sinking (left).
Source : private photo.




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