Business Continues for the Probo Koala

16 Oct 2006

You have been well-informed of it (see invitation for press conference held September 25, 2006 in Abidjan): the Probo Koala was sold by the Greek ship owner Prime Marine Management at the same time as other OBO carriers (transporters of mineral compounds, bulk, petroleum).

The sales contract of 6 OBO was assessed at 136 million US$. It is deplorable that the profit from the sale of the Probo Koala will not be given to the Côte d’Ivoire for the purpose of partially contributing to reparations for damages inflicted on the Abidjan population and to costs of cleaning waste dumped at dozens of sites around and within the heart of the city of the Côte d’Ivoire. Sold along with the Probo Koala were the Probo Bear, Probo Elk, Probo Emu, and Probo Panda (which has nothing to do with the WWF) sailing under the Marshall Islands flag, while the Probo Koala sails under Panamanian flag.

The Greek ship owner’s Probos were bought out by the Dubai-based company Gulf Navigation. Gulf Navigation has joint ventures in the United Arab Emirates and in Greece; it specializes in trading of oil tanker products, chemical products and fertilizer.




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