The Grande America in the spotlight

15 Mar 2019

Grande America, press release n°3

List and summary description of all the Grande America’s deficiencies as identified by the Port State inspectors since 2010 (pdf). In particular, recurring deficiencies concerning the fire-fighting plans or equipments and non-compliances with the MARPOL Convention for the prevention of pollution at sea should be noted.

The Grande America, practically garbage herself, was carrying waste and was known to empty her garbage cans into the sea.


Source: Equasis, database developped by the European Commission since May 2000.


Photos of the Grande America in action. African route.


Leixoes, Portugal. September 2018. Circled in red, trucks carried on the weather deck © Ian Mantel

Vigo, Spain. September 2011. Circled in red, cars on board above the garage decks © M Tarrago

Stadersand, Germany. April 2011. Circled in red, hazardous materials © Grasbrook

Terneuzen, Netherlands. April 2010. Circled in red, trucks and cars on board at the front of the ship © Steven Oppeel







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