French Russian Joint-Venture, at all Costs

11 Aug 2010

While, forest fires are ravaging over Russia and the nuclear sector is menaced and in confusion, France is not dissuaded and continue to exchange radioactive materials with Russia.

Today, at least 9 depleted uranium containers and 16 enriched uranium containers (each of them with around 100 billion becquerels “Bq”) should be loaded aboard a small cargo carrier Kholmogory at the Port of Le Havre. Photos and a video are available of the atomic train on Robin des Bois’s internet site. They were taken on August 9th in Le Havre, France.

The association has sent a letter to the French High Commission on Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety asking for explanations on the origin, destination and the reasons why the radioactive material is bring hastily sent to Russia by French Industrial groups regardless of the current circumstances.
Also see the previous press release “Forest Fires : Beware the Radioactive Fallout” August 3rd 2010

See the video of the radioactive railroad train, Le Havre, August 10th 2010

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