The lead makes itself at home

4 Sep 2019

Notre-Dame de Paris, press release n°9

The entrance to the nursery school’s garden at the 17 rue de Verneuil in the 7th district is closed until further notice. There is a particular context. The garden is part of the annexes of the Hôtel de Sénecterre (24 rue de l’Université), which is a listed historical monument. Recently renovated by the Kering group, this building is home to the workshop and fashion shows of Saint Laurent.

On the initiative of Yves Saint Laurent’s firm, the schoolchildren were able to enjoy the formal garden, recreated from historical archives. It turns out that in several places, the garden is contaminated by a level of lead dusts well above admissible norms. As a conservation measure, Kering prohibits access to the garden and actively think about the necessary measures for its sanitation. This contamination of a recently opened and planted garden is an indicator of the urban pollution resulting from the Notre-Dame fire.

Furthermore, children will not yet go back to the private primary school La Rochefoucauld on the rue Cler in the 7th district. Samples obtained on the initiative of the diocese and under the pressure of parents show rates superior to the applicable rules. It is situated more than 3km East of the cathedral, near the Champ de Mars, far from the perimeter delineated by the regional health agency in its 18 July statement. Opposite the school is the Jules Romains public secondary school, 130m away is the Saint Pierre du Gros Caillou nursery (182 rue de Grenelle) and further yet is the Saint-Dominique public primary school (117 rue Saint-Dominique). These 3 facilities have not been subjected to a lead diagnosis.




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