Wastes returning to Europe

7 Nov 2006

 mn toucan-Robin-des-Bois-200
In the aftermath of the spread of toxic wastes in the economic capital of the Ivory Coast, Robin des Bois demanded their repatriation and treatment in Europe. Robin des Bois’s reaction was founded on the sanitary problems, mortality, panic, and rumors that, beginning on August 20, 2006, struck and distraught the populations. The insufficiency of available technical resources in the area and the goal expressed by Ivory Coast authorities to construct a waste bunker served to support the conviction that is was vital to clear Ivorian soil of the wastes discharged from the Probo Koala as quickly as possible.

Today, the MN Toucan, the first ship bringing back the wastes and the sediments with which they have been mixed and diluted, is arriving in the Norman port of Le Havre. Particular care was given to the choice of ship; it was without question that it register under the flag of convenience. The same demand will be made for following ships.

Robin des Bois will now strive, in liaison with services of the State, the Ministry of Ecology, and other associations, to facilitate the fluidity and precision of transit and elimination phases of the 6,000 tons of material cleaned in Abidjan. It will be particularly seen to that the transportation between Le Havre and the south of Lyon is made regularly and by means of railway transport. In view of the fact that the dominant nature of the material to be treated results from its sulfur content, Robin des Bois wishes in addition that measurements of sulfur compounds released from Salaise’s furnace smokestacks will be made available to any associations that wish it, during the elimination phases.

Finally, Robin des Bois notes that no other country member of the European Union has as yet mentioned the possibility of storing and treating these wastes, not even the Netherlands and Estonia who are even involved in responsibility, as possibly the United Kingdom, Spain, and Greece.


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