Round Robin # 4 Petrol traps on the Isle of Er

3 Oct 2008

Round Robin n°4


Over the last 40 years, the Isle of Er facing Plougrescant in the Côtes d’Armor, has become a disaster area from the wastes of the oil spill of the Torrey Canyon, and with time passing other accidents, such as the Amoco Cadiz and the Tanio, have added to the problem.

The wastes are left in the open. Er is a private island, which coastline is accessible to everybody by boat, or at equinox ebb tide, by foot. No warning signs indicate to the users of the coastline the potential physical danger which the waste pits represent.

On Sunday 21st September Yves Treussard, who lives in Kerbors, was strolling with family and friends on the Island’s coastline. His six month old golden retriever, Diego sank inadvertently into a pit at the bottom of a steep slope of pebbles. Alerted by the yelps, his owner assisted by some friends only just managed to save the puppy who mistook a pond for what was actually a consequence of numerous shipwrecks and mismanagement of post disaster waste. Unfortunately it is a fact that these traps have killed and will continue to kill domestic or wild animals both land and airborne. Robin des Bois have been insisting on the urgent need to empty the petrol pits on the Isle of Er since as far back as 2000 and keep on today with more strength and support, furthermore the appropriate warning signs are to be installed as long as the wastes have not been pulled out.





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