Modern Express: The burden of timber

8 Feb 2016

Press Release Modern Express no. 5.


According to her charterer, the Modern Express was carrying 3600 tons of sawn timber. The director of ERL France highlights that car and other rolling stock carriers are not adequate for the transportation of logs (1).

Are the vessels of the category of the Modern Express adapted to the transport of wood bundles? If timber bundles are not strapped and lashed properly in the garage decks, they can break off and tip over. Consequently, thousands of tons of sawn timber can accumulate at one side of the vessel and can induce an irreversible list.

It is the responsibility of the owner or the charterer to ensure the appropriate and careful management of the loading, handling, lashing, transportation, supervision and unloading of the transported commodities.

Another car carrier, chartered by European Roro Lines, coming from Owendo Libreville, is being unloading its freight in Le Havre, France.

Robin des Bois demands that the Port State Authorities in Le Havre and customs carry out an urgent inspection of the Pagna to ensure that the safety regulations are respected on board as well as with regards to the origins and the qualities of the potentially transported timber. The departure of the Pagna towards Antwerp is scheduled for 4pm today.

While waiting for any factual reason related to the Modern Express casualty, a visit of the Pagna is valuable.


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