No to Discordia

23 Jul 2014

Subject : towage of the Costa Concordia

Robin des Bois welcomes the achievement of operation Concordia. The NGO believes that is possible to tow the wreck with minimal risks. The final destination which was ultimately decided by the Prime Minister of Italy Mr. Matteo Renzi reinforces Robin des Bois’ positive assessment. Genoa was once an important ship-breaking yard for vessels at the end of their life and was, amongst all the options evoked over the last year, the most logical option with the best safeguards for a positive end to the demolition of the Concordia.

Italy is opening a royal avenue to reestablish in Europe the demolition of vessels at the end of their working life.

However, if the wreck does not make it safely to the port, the main impacts on the environment will be the dispersion at sea of thousands of more or less floating and non-degradable waste from the decor, the amenities, the cabins, the kitchens and the technical installations of the ex-passenger ship and a radical perturbation to many acres of the precious Mediterranean depths.

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