Notre-Dame de Paris, press release n°4

14 Aug 2019

Notre-Dame de Paris, press release n°4

The Ministry of Culture, owner of Notre-Dame de Paris, has confirmed the shaky condition of the vault and flying buttresses of the cathedral. The scaffolding, which is covered with lead dusts and has until then withstood the collapse of the spire and the aftermath of the fire, is also under threat of downfall.

Therefore, Robin des Bois feels it is necessary to clarify the current prefectural decree on the imminent collapsing threat and to enforce, as part of this decree, a ban on all pedestrian traffic and all activities, especially business-related, on the rue du Cloître-Notre-Dame. A partial or complete collapse of the cathedral’s vault would cause other parts of the building to cave in, create an out-of-control cloud of contaminated dusts and a panic reaction, especially during the touristic peak hours.

Furthermore, it seems inconceivable in these conditions to resume the works inside the cathedral next week.





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