Probo Koala To Bangladesh: Refused

28 May 2011

Warned by Robin des Bois as early as May 17th 2011 of the Probo Koala’s imminent arrival to be beached for demolition (1), Bangladesh authorities, through its Ministry of Environment & Forest have just closed access to the demolition shipyard to this ship whose last known name was Gulf Jash, IMO number 8309816. This is the first time a ship destined to demolition is turned away from Bangladesh waters. The decision is justified by the history of this tanker and the particularly toxic residue still possibly on board. The list of these substances and a draft of the ship can be found here.

Let us remind that the Probo Koala was sold en bloc to a demolition shipyard along with two sister-ships, the Gulf Ahmadi (ex Probo Bison) and the Gulf Shangra (ex Probo Panda). The Probo Koala must now be tracked to avoid it being demolished in Asia. The demolition of this ship and the recycling of its metals must be done with a maximum amount of precaution. The American Cash-Buyer GMS it going to try to deviate it towards India or Pakistan. Only a European or American demolition shipyard could guarantee sufficient safety standards and transparency. The Probo Koala is not only a ship, it’s also evidence.

(1) Letter adressed to:
Ambassador of Bangladesh in France
Ministry of Environment & Forest – Bangladesh
Bangladesh Ship Breakers Association – Chairman Chittagong
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association.
Chittagong port – Director General of Environment Chittagong.


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