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The Eventful Life of a Family.

10 Mar 2010

Subject: Disabled Ship in Cherbourg

Disabled in Cherbourg due to propulsion damages, the Baco Liner 1, the eldest of the family, launched in 1979, has been detained for three days in the Port of Antwerp (Belgium) in June 2009 with 34 deficiencies of which 11 are relative to the propulsion and auxiliary equipment.

The 24 Baco Liner 2 Filipino crewmembers had been taken hostage for three weeks in February 2007 near the port of Warri in Nigeria by the group « Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta ». No ransom was paid. The kidnappers declared that the ship transported smuggled weapons and ammunitions. A spokesperson from Baco Liner denied comments.

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