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The threshold of 1,000 vessels is reached

21 Jan 2010

Global statement 2009 of vessels sent to demolition :

For four years, Robin des Bois has been studying the demolition market via the mobilisation and the analysis of over thirty different bibliographical sources. Robin des Bois counted 293 vessels sold for demolition in 2006, 288 in 2007 and 456 in 2008. In 2009, 1,006 vessels have left the waters, representing more than twice the 2008 total and three times the 2006 total. The total weight of recycled metal reached more than 8.2 million tons, five times the total amount of 2006.

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Overview of ships broken up in 2007

24 Jan 2008

For the 2nd consecutive year, Robin des Bois has been studying in detail the reality of the ship breaking market. The mobilisation and the analysis of about thirty diverse and specialised bibliographical sources made it possible to establish an inventory of the vessels sent to be demolished in 2007. In 2006, Robin des Bois tallied 293 vessels sold for demolition. In 2007, we listed 288 of them. If this decline in demolished vessels is modest (-2%), it is a little more significant with regard to the total weight of recycled metals: 1.7 million ton in 2007 against 1.9 million in 2006 (-10%). The situation differs however according to the category of ships considered: the number of tankers (oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas carriers) dismantled in 2007 increased by almost 30 % compared with 2006 whereas that of the bulk carriers and other general cargo ships decreased by almost 40 %; the average age of the tankers sent to demolition is 29 years, the average age for all the vessels is 31 years, the average age of bulk carriers 34 years.

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(Français) Bilan mondial 2006 des navires partis à la démolition

24 Jan 2007

Only in French.

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