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The Capitalism of Extinction

12 Mar 2013

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CITES 2013 – Bangkok, 6 pm (local time)
Press Release No. 7

Making money from the extinction of species could become an industry of the future. It has certainly been developed by CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Looking at the re-opening of international ivory trade, CITES has published à call of tender for an “independent study”. It has been attributed to specialized consultants from southern Africa. Among the 5 authors, Rowan Martin, director of research on wild fauna in Zimbawe, and Debbie A. Peake, one of the best taxidermists of Botswana, are also present. The main recommendation of the study co-financed by the European Union is to create CISO (Central Ivory Selling Organization), a single office for ivory sales. CISO would be modeled after the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), this De Beers Company has lasted over 100 years. One director, named by the main producing states, regulates trade to recognized and accredited governments or private processing companies. Short routes reduce the risks of mixing in illegal ivory. Inter-African sales would be prohibited. The report proposes that it would be possible to collect 8 tons of ivory each year for every 10,000 elephants killed by slaughter, hunting, or natural causes. The authors highlight that this management of ivory would be possible only in the absence of civil disorder and arms conflicts in producing countries. Within the report, ivory is an ore distanced from all biological, ethical and cultural considerations.

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