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(Français) Erradium

19 Jun 2014

(Français) Erradium

Only in French.

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Robin des Bois’ viewpoint on the importation of HCB from Australia to France

16 Jun 2014

Robin des Bois was consulted by Orica over the possible treatment, at Trédi’s incinerator at Salaise-sur-Sanne (France), of HCB waste stockpiled, since 1991, in Botany situated 8km from Sydney. Two representatives from Robin des Bois gathered information on site at the end of 2013 in order to understand why an industrial firm, located in Australia, an economically developed country, would want to export waste 17,000km away.

It was noted that the 13,800 tonnes of waste is stockpiled in a highly urbanised area. The Botany stockpile is exposed to natural and industrial external threats. The HCB concentration of the stockpile ranges from 0.003% to 89%. Certain waste requires repackaging every 4-5 years. Repackaging operations increase the total weight of the waste by 2.0% on average, per annum. Orica’s stockpile is historical and HCB is no longer produced in Australia.

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Secret Tusks

14 Nov 2013

Today, the United States destroyed 5.4 tons of ivory that has been seized over the last 25 years by authorities enforcing national and international regulations. An official notification has been sent to the secretariat of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The United States hopes that other states will also destroy their illegal ivory stockpiles.

They cannot count on France to do so. In a recent letter to Robin des Bois, the Minister of Ecology expressed his belief that countries undertaking the willful destruction of ivory seizures are emphasizing symbolic and high-profile action at the expense of actual substantive measures. In addition, the Ministry of Ecology refuses, “for security reasons”, to publicize an inventory of the stock of illegal ivory held by the French State and the museums of Natural History.

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Obama, Hollande and Elephants

1 Oct 2013

Since early September the United States announced that they would carry out on October 8 the destruction of 5.4 tonnes of illegal ivory confiscated over the last 25 years on their soil. This destruction is in line with an Executive Order by President Obama on July 1, 2013 on Combating Wildlife Trafficking. In this light the United States has launched a national and international programme aimed at stopping “slaughter commissioned by armed and organized criminal Syndicates.” This constitutes a formidable task.

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India Burns Smuggled Ivory. And France?

30 Jul 2013

Today, the state of Maharashtra will burn precious animal materials that have been seized by anti-poaching organizations. The leopard and tiger fur that was priced at about €12,000 a piece, along with the tusks of ivory that are sold on the black market from €1,500/kg for up to €5,500/kg, will be completely destroyed.

The state of Kerala is getting ready to do the same with their stock of 3 tons of ivory that has been seized over the past 20 years.

The Indian authorities will be taking advantage of the widespread presence of spectators to raise awareness, thereby doubling their efforts in the fight against environmental crime by enforcing both International regulations and Indian law for the protection of animals.

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