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Swimming at the Paris PCBeach

12 May 2010

To cope with the inertia of the prefect of police of Paris and the mayors of Paris and the Parisian suburbs, Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) informs the urban fishermen that the barbells, roaches, eels, breams, rudds, brills, chubs and the gudgeons who were the subject of a sampling and PCB analysis contain elevated concentrations of these cancerous micro pollutants and endocrinal disrupters.

This information is available on the site (French only) and merit an attentive reading to which the experts at Robin des Bois are dedicated. The results of this active sampling campaign by the Minister for Ecology confirm the worries of Robin des Bois. In effect, for some years, and notably in its fourth edition of “The Atlas of Inland Sites Polluted by PCB,” published in February 2010, the NGO speaks of the “Parisian miracle,” thanks to which the fish, by swimming in the PCB, could be exempt from its effects.

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