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The whole Clemenceau affair for this…?

26 Mar 2013

In 2013, when the former Atlantic Star, renamed Antic, leaves Marseille for demolition at Alang without asbestos removal, silence reigns.

In 2006, when the former Clemenceau, renamed hull Q790, went to Alang for demolition after a partial asbestos removal in France, a politically correct, unanimous roar rang out.

The Atlantic Star is a 240m-long ship built in 1984 in the shipyards of La Seyne-sur-Mer in France, an asbestos stronghold. It was abandoned in Marseille in 2010. The Atlantic Star belonged to the Spanish subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL).

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Another SeaFrance Scandal

16 Nov 2011

The CFDT Union is occupying all SeaFrance ferries at Calais. However, the Union allowed SeaFrance Cezanne and SeaFrance Renoir to head toward Alang. Economically, it was a good deal. Whoever would be the buyer for SeaFrance, he would not assume responsibility for the dismantling of the two polluted ferries in Europe. On the other hand, the sale of Sea France Cezanne and Sea France Renoir brought SeaFrance, a subsidiary of SNCF, around € 7 million.

Scrapping at Alang in India proved to be a good deal for the buyer of SeaFrance, and his pocket, if one.

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Shipscrapping: Worse than Clemenceau

14 Nov 2011

Despite virtuous official speeches and the European regulations on the exportation of waste, the flight of European ships to Asian shipyards continues. The same sleight of hand repeats tirelessly: miraculous sale to a non-European ghost ship owner, de-flagging under lax colors and incognito scrapping.

The latest of these European ships on their last legs are SeaFrance Renoir and SeaFrance Cezanne ; the former having  just arrived at Alang, the latter, expected to arrive in the next few days.

To make matters worse, the two ships were owned by a subsidiary of a public company, SNCF. Despite statements of intent, exemplary conditions are once again missing. Other French victims of inertia and hypocrisy, the demolition yards required during the Clemenceau’s case by environmental organizations, trade unions and even the Grenelle Environment Forum and Grenelle of the Sea, are stayed dead.

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SNCF exporting waste to India

10 Nov 2011

SeaFrance, subsidiary of the SNCF (french national railroad company), sold the two car ferries SeaFrance Cezanne and SeaFrance Renoir in the Port of Dunkirk this summer. They were sold to two Panamanian companies who then immediately replaced the French flag with that of Belize.

The Cezanne and Renoir were decommissioned in February and September 2009 respectively. The Renoir, renamed Eastern Light, now sits off the Bay of Alang waiting for authorization to be beached and dismantled.

This tragic and particularly hypocritical outcome was instigated by a French shipowner of which the state owns 100%.

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(Français) Cezanne et Renoir : une nouvelle exposition en Asie ?

27 Aug 2010

Only in French.

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