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Departure of Saint-Nazaire of Monster of the Seas*

13 May 2016

Departure of Saint-Nazaire of Monster of the Seas*

Those who live in housing projects will not really be removed from their usual surroundings. The type of cruise ship that is Harmony of the Seas are apartment blocks. On land, the tendency is to their burst. At sea, they are considered as progress. 6,360 passengers are threatened by seasickness, gastroenteritis, and the crumbling of old fashioned decorations. They are serviced by 2,400 crew members of 70 nationalities living in tight quarters in the lower decks, similarly to the time of the Titanic.

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The Atlantic Star scam

4 Apr 2013

The Atlantic Star remained disused in Marseille for more than 2 years. Construction of the Atlantic Star at La Seyne-sur-Mer in 1984 had mobilized, as in all cruise ships, significant amounts of asbestos.

The ship belonged to the Spanish shipowner Pullmantur, a subsidiary of the American company Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Her operation became prohibitive; replacing her steam turbines with a diesel propulsion was impossible. The Atlantic Star, still in the hands of Spanish interests, remained under the European flag of Malta until March 1, 2013.

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The whole Clemenceau affair for this…?

26 Mar 2013

In 2013, when the former Atlantic Star, renamed Antic, leaves Marseille for demolition at Alang without asbestos removal, silence reigns.

In 2006, when the former Clemenceau, renamed hull Q790, went to Alang for demolition after a partial asbestos removal in France, a politically correct, unanimous roar rang out.

The Atlantic Star is a 240m-long ship built in 1984 in the shipyards of La Seyne-sur-Mer in France, an asbestos stronghold. It was abandoned in Marseille in 2010. The Atlantic Star belonged to the Spanish subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL).

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