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(Français) Attention les yeux ! bis

6 Nov 2014

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Cover Your Eyes!

8 Sep 2011

The 3D battle rages on. The manufacturers see it clearly. The future of the market of screens passes to 3 Dimensions and the journalists who serve as guinea pigs transmit to the consumer brief traces of dismay. The latest example is a special envoy of the newspaper Le Monde to the electronics convention IFA Berlin said after being positioned in front of a Toshiba 3D screen without glasses that “a blurry impression goes away when one turns the head”.

Following the request for an inquiry in February 2011 from Robin des Bois on the health and ocular effects in particular of the Nintendo 3DS (1), ANSES (2) and the NGO have estimated together that the questions concerning the potential health effects of this game console merit being asked to the entire line of 3D technology (cinema, television, cell phones…).

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The Nintendo 3DSyndrome

24 Mar 2011

Considering the incertitude posed by the commercialization of the Nintendo 3Ds game console and the general or specific health risks for certain sections of the population at risk to 3D technology, the nongovernmental organization Robin des Bois called for ANSES – the National Agency for the Sanitation of Food, Work, and the Environment – to launch an inquiry at the end of January. This request was deemed acceptable, and a copy of it was transmitted to the ministers of tutelage of ANSES.

ANSES will deliver in a few months a warning on the health effects of 3D technology applied to screens in daily use: televisions, cell phones, and game consoles. This warning will also be carried by the technology recently employed by Nintendo.

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