France – Elephants and ivory trafic

20 Jan 2015

Following Robin des Bois’ invitation, 37 NGOs around the world addressed a letter the 20 January 2015 to Madam Royal, Minister of Ecology, requesting a ban on trade in raw and cut ivory and on exports from France.

Madam Royal answered positively to this request in saying to the French Press Agency that “France first will align its legislation with the most advanced rules in this domain.”

In Germany, since last September, a decree bans exports of tusks and raw ivory bigger than 20 cm long. In the United Kingdom and Sweden, trade and export of raw ivory is no longer authorized.

Madam Royal will secondly « see what it is possible to do to go further to counter trafficking. » Robin des Bois therefor wishes that in this positive perspective, France would refuse import onto its territory of elephants captured in Zimbabwe. The Government of this country where corruption and poaching are out of control has just announced that procedures for export of 15 to 20 elephants calves to French Zoos is under study. These baby elephants between 3 and 5 years old have been circled, flown over by helicopter, separated from their mothers, tied up and fenced in inside Hwange Park. Capture of the baby elephants was eased by rounds of machine guns shot just above the groups’ heads to paralyze it and prevent them from communicating among them. One of the baby elephants is already dead. Other dossiers for exports are under way for destinations such as the United Arab Emirates and China. France must not partake in pillaging biodiversity and cruelty to elephants. Already in 2013, the same elephant population fell victim to massive poisoning by cyanide.





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