80 years later, they are killing and polluting

4 Jun 2024

In Normandy, there are at least 60 expressions for different shades of rain. Since D-Day, there has been a 61st one: “bomb rain”. Robin des Bois’ 9th inventory of the discoveries of bombs and other munitions in France and Germany is dedicated to Normandy, a considerable task and a mission that will last several centuries and will surely never end. On 6 June 2024, all heads of State should formally declare war on all bombing.

© Préfecture maritime Manche et mer du Nord

© Préfecture de Normandie



34 underwater military wrecks and wastelands

Health and environmental risks

Classified pollution

What to do and not to do

Inventory of the discoveries and destructions of war remains from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023 in Normandy

1/ On the foreshore and offshore

Manche Department
Calvados Department
Seine-Maritime Department

2/ On land 
Manche Department
Calvados Department
Seine-Maritime Department
Eure Department
Orne Department







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