The Grande America: Safety First

18 Mar 2019

The Grande America, press release n°5.

As an NGO that has been keeping up with the kinetics of high or low intensity oil spills for 30 years, Robin des Bois advises people of good will to not engage in the collection of oil, algae or contaminated solid waste when they reach the shore.

– The composition of the Grande America ‘s bunker fuel is not precisely known. Illegal trafficking of contaminated fuel oil has been rampant in the shipping world for several months.
– The Grande America may have carried hydrocarbons other than bunker fuel and diesel for generators. Lubricants and other flammable or toxic cargoes such as liquid or water-soluble pesticides are likely to leak from the Grande America’s containers and mix with hydrocarbons drifting at sea.
– In the coming weeks, drums or cans of toxic products could also wash up on the shoreline. It is absolutely recommended to stay away from them. They must be reported as soon as possible to the local authorities.

In any case, volunteers should not expose themselves to the various associated health risks which have already been reported during previous oil spills, such as skin rashes, eye irritations, migraines or nausea. It is up to the State, in coordination with the local authorities and at the expense of the shipowner Grimaldi Lines, to implement the necessary resources for collection, to mobilize skilled and protected staff (masks, special gloves, overalls, boots, etc.), to organize gathering and storage in watertight containers on the upper beach prior to regulatory transport and disposal of the waste.

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