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Wanted : BBC Shanghai

8 Dec 2015

After unloading on December 5 in Australia what she had loaded on October 14 in France, the BBC Shanghai, an occasional nuclear waste carrier, is now heading for Shanghai. Her owner is German. She is flying the Antigua & Barbuda flag. Her profile is alarming. As soon as she is calling in a port, the BBC Shanghai is targeted by maritime authorities and submitted to a detailed inspection.

Please refer to Robin des Bois press releases :
Radioactive waste – Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) is calling for an intervention by the Australian and French governments, October 10, 2015. 7:45 pm
Radioactive waste – BBC Shanghai at Cherbourg, October 14, 2015
And the map « Das Bato », October 15, 2:00 pm on the performances of the BBC Shanghai

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