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19 May 2011

The number 23 of « », information and analysis bulletin on the demolition of ships is available.

56 pages of informations, destinations, stories and histories, pictures, on the demolition of ships around the world from January 1st to May 6th.

Of 362 ships sent to demolition during the first 4 months of the year, 332 were sent to Asia; 123 belonging to European ship owners and 134 were built in Europe.

Despite the poor working conditions, the devastated environment, and many hazardous wastes, the shipping world continued as usual to leave their discarded hulls on the Asian beaches.

The European Commission is turning a blind eye when the oily wrecks, the asbestos car ferries the reefers using dangerous ammonia and freon belonging to European owners are beached for demolition.

The engagement of France to encourage the return to Europe of dangerous waste from ships demolished in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, and Turkey remains dead letter.

“The responsible ship owners” who are susceptible to demolishing their ships at European ship-breaking yards mentioned in the last report from the French Maritime Secretary remain exclusively preoccupied by the international market of metals.

The South African authorities are worrying about more and more ships passing in their waters on their last voyage. They regularly meet with difficulty off the South African coasts and must be rescued. South Africa is complaining that it cannot precisely know the state of the ships, the hazardous material on board, nor the contents of the fuel tanks. The majority of the ships at risk are coming to Europe.The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal is not applied. The last voyage of the ships incites the intentional use of dirty fuel.

Last Minute,

the Probo Koala sent to demolition (see our press release, May 17th)

The Gulf Jash, ex-Probo Koala has just been sold for demolition en bloc with the Gulf Shagra (ex-Probo Panda) and the Gulf Ahmadi (ex-Probo Bison) at 528 $ per ton. The Gulf Shagra and Gulf Ahmadi have unloaded urea at Chittagong port and should be beached soon. According to the latest information, the ex-Probo Koala is heading towards Chittagong, Bangladesh. Robin des Bois has warned the Bangladeshi authorities about the past and the possible risks linked with the demolition of the ship.


Jack-D_3-Robin-des-Bois-2011The arrival of the Greek Jack D on Gadani beach (Pakistan), April 15th  2011
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